You can watch the video below on how to schedule a future dated one time payment or recurring payments. 

Written directions will be below.

Log into your account and select the "Make a Payment" Tab

Select "Schedule a Payment"

We offer two different types of Automatic Payments*

1. Debit for Current Total Balance (whatever your balance is, your payment will run for the full amount)

2. Fixed Payment (Same dollar amount every month regardless of balance due)

*Not all associations offer both, yours may vary. 

Future Dated One-Time Payment 

1. Select the Fixed Payment option 

2. From the "Frequency" drop down select "One Time", Select your start date.

3. Enter the dollar amount and click "Select your Payment Method"

4. Select a saved payment profile or enter in new information 

5. Approve!

Scheduling an AutoPay

1. Choose the type of AutoPay you wish to schedule.
- If you choose fixed you will enter the dollar amount, if you choose to be deducted the full dollar amount you will not enter in an amount.

2. Select the Start date and month, frequency, and the end date. 

3. Enter dollar amount if applicable and click "Select your Payment Method"

4. Select your Payment Method

5. Review then Approve.