Single Property: To import the file for a single property, access the Import Batch Tool from the Merchant toolbox

Multiple Properties: To import a file with the payments for the residents across several properties, access the Import Batch Tool from the Group toolbox

  1. Select Pay Tools from the side navigation then Import Batch 
  2. Choose the file to upload and select the format (CSV file)
  3. Select method of upload (Load new payments or Update existing payments)
  4. Define the frequency and dates of the payments
  5. Select the payments to be charged as dynamic recurring payments (optional)
  6. Agree to Terms
  7. Select "Import"
  8. Review results on the Tasks list, on the left-hand menu.

Method of upload:

  • Load (use this option for uploading new payments)
  • Update (use this option for updating and/or cancelling existing PPD payments

Frequency: The following options are available to define payment frequency of the preauthorized transactions:

  • Now (the transactions will be charged today)
  • One time
  • Monthly
  • Quartely
  • Annually

Day of Month to Pay: Defines the day of the month that the payment will be charged.

Start Month: Defines the month that the payment will begin.

Start Year: Defines the year that the payment will begin.