Using your account number, you can make a Quick Payment (also known as QuickPay) using your bank account or credit / debit card without logging into the system. 

1. To make a Quick Payment, bypass the login fields and click "Make a Quick Payment" at the bottom of the login screen:

2. On the next screen, input your account number in the "Account" field:

The system should automatically populate your information after you enter your Account number. 

3. Scroll down to enter your payment method details (eCheck is selected by default; for credit card, click the tab with the credit card icons):

4. Click the "Continue" button

5. On the next screen, enter your Payment amount and check the box to complete reCaptcha verification ("I'm not a robot"):

6. Then, select the "Pay Now" button. 

7. You will receive a pop up confirming your payment:

8. Success! You completed your payment! An email receipt will be sent to your inbox for confirmation.