To schedule a recurring or one-time future dated eCheck payment, select “Manage Auto-Pay” from your Dashboard and then select the “Create New AutoPay” tab. 

Select the Frequency, Start Date, End Date and the Payment day of the month under Autopay Settings.

If you would like to use an account you have previously saved, click the radio button beside that account. 

Otherwise, complete the requested fields for eCheck Payment Method

  • Name on Account
  • Routing Number
  • Account Number / Confirm Account Number
  • Update the Billing Address if it is incorrect. 


If you would like to save your account information for future payments, check the box under the Billing Address before continuing. If you do not check the box, your payment account will not be stored (but your AutoPay will continue to recur on the account entered) . 

Once complete, click Continue.

Please note: The earliest a Recurring or One-Time Future dated eCheck payment will process is the next day. To ensure that payments are received by the end of the month, recurring payments must be scheduled no later than the 28th of each month.

Check the Assessment box and type in the amount you wish to pay. Please read the disclosures prior to submitting your payment. A Convenience Fee may be assessed.

Click the Submit Payment button to proceed.

You will receive a payment confirmation popup. If the information is correct and you agree with the charges, click Create New Autopay.  

You will receive a popup with a confirmation that the Autopay has been established!