To register an ePayment account for the first time, click on the First Time User link on the payment page for your school:

 Enter the School Account Number (assigned to you by your school) and click Submit.

 Please Note: If your account number is 00123-4567, only enter 1234567. Do not enter the lead zeros or dashes.

Once the account has been located, enter the required fields (Email, Phone, Username, Password, Confirm Password) and Submit Registration.

Please note: Passwords must:

· Contain between 8 – 20 characters.

· Begin with a letter or number.

· Include at least 1 UPPERCASE letter.

· Include at least 1 lowercase letter.

· Include at least 1 number.

· Include at least one of the following allowable special characters: #, $, @, _!. Other special characters are not permitted for security reasons.

Once the account is successfully registered, you will be taken to your Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can make a one-time payment, create a recurring payment (if allowed by your School), see your payment history, and see any future recurring payments to be paid.

If you receive the popup message below, your the account is currently active! This means that you have already activated the account or the account was used to make payments by the prior homeowner and you will need to re-register with the login information.

You will be re-directed to the registration page to complete your login