The Transaction Report shows you all individual transactions. You have the ability to Void and refund transactions within the Transaction Report.

To access the Transaction report, simply go to Reports > Transactions

You can search for a specific transaction by:

  • Date
  • Transaction ID
  • Property
  • Account #
  • Unit #
  • Name
  • Amount

When searching by date, you can select date range:

Then click "Find" and only the dates for the date range selected will be displayed.

Now that you have found the transaction you were looking for, you can click on the "+" symbol for more information.

To export the Transaction Report:

1. Click on "Export"

2. Click on "Get File" and a Task List will pop up on the left hand side of your screen. 

3. Click on "here" and the file will download onto your computer.

You can also opt to receive an automated Transaction Report to your email on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. For more information on setting up automated report, you can click here.